The Bon Oeuf Award

This prestigious award is given each year to one Scottish trauma and orthopaedic trainee who consistently demonstrates the qualities and characteristics of a good colleague, and is regarded as an outstanding member of the team. We all know that academic accomplishments are important, and are justly recognised and rewarded in medicine, but we also know that these form only part of what makes a good trainee and furthermore, a good colleague.

 “Trainees and colleagues who are regarded highly are those individuals who are reliable, trustworthy and consistent. They go above and beyond to ensure patient safety and colleague happiness. They are the people who make great efforts to teach and inspire those more junior. They are approachable to all members of the MDT, helpful and willing to take on additional duties at a moments notice to support a colleague, often at the expense of their own time. They will not shirk their duties but take on additional work to ease the path of their colleagues and ask for nothing in return. If something is needed to be resolved or organised, they are the team players who will ensure it is accomplished.  They look to improve themselves and the environment they are in whilst maintaining outstanding relationships with patients and colleagues alike. They will strive to create a sense of unity and inclusiveness within a team. These people are the ‘Good Eggs’ amongst us.”

This award is our opportunity to acknowledge and be proud of our outstanding trainees.  Both Consultants and Trainees nominate one or two trainees from their own region for this national award.  The nominations of the two trainees from each region with the most votes will be reviewed by the SCOT committee, which will select the overall winner.

That winner will be presented with the award at STOTS each September.


National Bon Oeuf: Tina Ha (West)

Andrel Yoong & David Skipsey (North)
Sam Mackenzie & Sam Greensmith (East)
Tilly Powell-Bowns (South East)


National Bon Oeuf: Alexandra Haddon (North)

Alastair Gilmour
Ewan Semple (East)
Will Oliver (South-East)


Vittoria Bucknall (South-East)

Runners Up

  • Kim Fergusson (West0
    Stephen Dalgleish (East)
    Tristan McMillan (North)