SCOT Meeting Prizes

There is a Registrar Free Paper session at both the Winter and Summer SCOT. Abstract Submission is organised by Professor Simpson’s team in Edinburgh. It is announced via an email from four regional TPDs. Abstracts are marked by a panel, representative of all the regions.

During each meeting, the presentations are marked by a panel representing all regions. Invited keynote speakers are sometimes also invited to joint the judging panel. Presentations are scored on a combination of content, presentation, contribution to research and handling of questions.

For Summer 2020, an additional e-Poster session was provided and published on the website. These were also marked by the panel using the criteria of content, layout/presentation and contribution.

Ivan Brenkel Research Prize

From Winter SCOT 2023 onwards, the 1st Prize awarded at the Winter SCOT has been named the “Ivan Brenkel Research Prize” to recognise the immense contribution to supporting orthopaedic research by trainees in Scotland, as well as organising the annual Winter SCOT Meeting over a large number of years.

Medical Student Research Prize

There is recognition of an increasing number of high quality research submitted to the SCOT Meetings, undertaken by medical students. From Winter SCOT 2023 the judging panel have the option to award a separate prize for a research project presented by a medical student.

Winter SCOT 2023

Summer SCOT 2022

Winter SCOT 2022

1st Prize: Gareth Turnbull (West)

Development of composite bioinks that can be injected or 3D bioprinted to aid osteochondral defect repair (Turnbull GS, Shu W, Picard F, Clarke JV)

2nd Prize: Jay Chuntamongkol (West)

The influence of body mass index on long term survivorship of primary knee arthroplasty (Chuntamongkol R, Burt J, Zaffar H, Habbick T, Picard F, Clarke J, Gee C)

3rd Prize: Fabienne Robertson (South-East)

Outcomes of Poole traction splinting for hand phalangeal fractures: a single region experience. Robertson F, Jones J, Simpson C, Molyneux SG, Duckworth AD)

Summer SCOT 2021

1st Prize: Katrina Bell (South-East)
Operatively managed distal radius fractures: complications and re-intervention rate from a single centre (KR Bell, J Balfour, WM Oliver, TO White, SG Molyneux, ND Clement, AD Duckworth)

2nd Prize: Hattie Pleasant (South-East)
Delayed ACJ reconstruction does not increase the risk of fixation failure or major complications (H Pleasant, P Robinson, CM Robinson, JA Nicholson)

3rd Prize: Luke Farrow (North)
Use of pre-operative EUROQOL FIVE-DIMENSION (EQ-5D) scores to prioritise patients for elective hip and knee arthroplasty in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic (L Farrow, J Redmore, P Talukdar, GP Ashcroft)

Winter SCOT 2021

1st Prize: Tom Carter (South-East)
Acute distal biceps tendon repair using an EndoButton technique results in excellent short and long-term patient outcome. A single-centre experience of 102 patients (TH Carter, BJ Karunaratne, WM Oliver, IR Murray, JT Reid, TO White, AD Duckworth

Joint 2nd Prize: Jamie Nicholson (South-East)
Three-dimensional ultrasound reconstruction of sonographic callus: a novel imaging modality for early evaluation of fracture healing (JA Nicholson, WM Oliver, F Perks, T Macgillivray, CM Robinson, AHRW Simpson)

Joint 2nd Prize: Luke Farrow (North)
Future demand for primary hip and knee arthroplasty in Scotland (L Farrow, S Gaba, GP Ashcroft)

Summer SCOT 2020

  • AJ Hall (1st)
  • Nathan Ng (2nd)
  • DA Skipsey (Joint 3rd)
  • MMK Jalal (Joint 3rd)
  • NR Davies-Branch (Poster)